Interview with Julia Bakalova

Julia Bakalova has successfully built her own Accounting Consultancy business, JB Finance.

Her company offers many different services, including taxes, administration and advice.
Julia has many years of experience in bookkeeping, and has a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Aside from her professional success, she is also the current Mrs European Union, and also engages in charity work. It is a real privilege to interview this very successful lady, and read her story.

First of all thank you for your interest in my story! I hope it will inspire many other little girls and women to follow their dreams!

– What is a typical working day like for you?
My working day starts at 9 AM after I bring my children to the school and to the kindergarten. Most of the time I spend in front of my laptop doing the bookkeeping of my clients. I spent also a lot of time talking on the phone. Being an accountant is not just typing numbers in the accountancy software but also giving advices to your clients and helping them to make the best choices for their business. Everyday is different and challenging! That’s why I love my job! I am working until around 4 PM. When we have the VAT declarations 4 times a year, I work even longer until 5, 6 or even 7 PM because then we have deadlines to keep.

– When starting up your business, what was the biggest challenge?
Honestly I was scared because of the unknown! Starting to work for yourself is a big step for everyone who was used to get his or her salary every month. I am good at what I am doing and for me – the trust of my clients means a lot. That was my motivation – their trust. Now looking back starting my own business was one of my best decisions! Building my own little empire!

– In your profession, which skill is most important?
Being precise. In this world – the one of numbers and money, one mistake, one dot put on the wrong place can mean the end of your business. So for example before I apply someone’s taxes I am checking the whole declaration at least 3-4 times! I need first to be sure that it’s perfect and then pas I can apply it.

– Do you have any advice on how to develop analytical skills?
I am not sure I can give advice because I think that you need to have it in you. If you loved mathematics at school, than the chance to become a good accountant is pretty big. I loved mathematics! And I still do! I am using it every day!

– How do you motivate your team of employees?
Being an example is the best motivation! I am working hard and I love my job! That’s what I am showing to the people working with me!

– You recently won the Mrs. European Union contest! How do you manage your time?

Yes! Truly an amazing moment! I first won in june Mrs Netherlands Europe 2018 title and then I went to represent my country at Mrs Europe in Gibraltar where I won the title Mrs European Union 2018 and 3 more special titles: Mrs Europe Charity, Mrs Europe Photogenic and Mrs Best Interview Gibraltar TV.
Managing my time it’s not an easy job. I am a wife, a mother, a business woman,a model and I am also helping charity projects. But I see that this inspires other women to follow their dreams and it motivates me a lot!
Still maintaining the balance can be tricky. That’s why I try to rest and be with my family every weekend. It is also very important to have some me time! Just a book and a coffee for example.

– What is your motto in life?

The best is yet to come!

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