Interview with Mārīte Bokta

Mārīte Bokta, originally from Latvia, is the CEO of Good-House, and Harvard Swiss Trading. She has been very successful, and has a wealth of business knowledge.  Today she shared her story with EuroBizWeekly…

Marite Bokta, CEO

Please describe the companies: “Good-House” and “Harvard Swiss Trading”

1) The Latvian companyGood House is a creative, mobile and modern company whose main functions include the acquisition of the real estate market in European countries. In cooperation with our manufacturers, we offer safe, high quality and standards-compliant wood frame house manufacturing, construction and brokerage services. Today it’s very important to get the most environmental, energoeconomic and cost-effective solution. Our offer is important to the group of consumers who use the leverage from banks to realize their projects. Because construction time is two to four times shorter than traditional buildings, the loan repayment terms are abbreviated to save the expense of a large amount of money. The design of these buildings isn’t much different from traditional buildings. In this case, we aren’t talking about high-rise buildings. The main ideas of my fundamental principle of launching this business wasto help people. You may ask – how? Very simply, I imagine a new family with young children, which could possibly (due to the low price) buy themselves a house. Environmental, energoeconomic and nice house or apartment. Iimagine these people satisfied with our product.

2) The Swiss companyHarvard Swiss Trading is a Food & Beverage Trading Company. The main line of business is the integration of new products in the market. One of the primary ideas are soft drinks, the lounge and the establishment of the franchise. In cooperation with our partners from the UAE, we started the development of the project in Dubai.

In our assortment are alcohol-free analogues to sparkling wine, whiskey, beer, cocktails etc.

The main idea is to offer an alternative to traditional alcoholic beverage bars in Europe. It is important to understand and build a new group of consumers. Knowing alcoholic beverages negative impacts and consequences on people, the idea was to offer an alternative.

The main consumer groups would be:

  1. Young people who are here can find an alternative to alcoholic beverages. We can offer them a large selection of soft drinks, cocktails, beer, whiskey, etc.
  2. Muslims and people of other religions.
  3. Other

With these products can participate in presentations, celebrations. They can be used safely and drive a car.

As CEO, what are your main day-to-day duties?

As the CEO I have various responsibilites. I am mostly engaged in marketing, market research and analysis. My responsibility is to look for new ideas, products and potential consumer groups. I’m always travelling much, taking part in exhibitions and polls. Thanks to communicattion with people, it’s possible to understand feed- back about our products. Our company motto is “The best products for the best price”. It’s very important that our customers receive the highest quality products.

How do you manage your employees?

We mostly have cooperation with distributors and sales agents. Each worker performs his specific function. Each employee’s work can be seen in the results. Further cooperation is evaluated after the first results.

What impresses you about an employee?

Employees are different. Employees mostly are interested in social guarantees.
There are also many creative people, but after natural selection occurs by results.

In business, what is the most difficult decision you had to make?

There is a presumption that the most difficult decisions are related to disputes with employees or failed ideas. Eg. To fire or penalize workers, halt the realization of the idea in a timely manner. It is very important to take a step back in case the idea is not viable. Many entrepreneurs make mistakes, going forward despite all indications. But firstly, you need to preserve capital, and only secondly you need to earn. Because stopping at the right time can help escape bankruptcy or other unpleasant situations and make rotations.

You are very successful, what has been they key to your success?

I do not think about luck, only about results of hard work. Butyou must believe in what you’re doing. When you execute the project, of course, the figures are one of the most important indicators, but the main objective is the idea to create and accomplish.

What is your life motto?

Peace. Due to the ongoing political situation, peace makes people happy. I wish everyone peace, harmony, happiness, strong family and true friends!


Sincerly, Marite Bokta





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