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Interview with Mojca Perić


Mojca Perić, from Slovenia, is the Head of Corporate Communications at a big international company based in Slovenia. She has proven to be very successful in Strategic management, and has been awarded with the prestigious Fenix award.

What has made you successful in strategic management?

Great mentors and some of a very experienced people that unselfishly shared their knowledge with me, and of course my desire to learn, the ambition and proactivity.

In your opinion, which are they key aspects to good communication?

First you need to understand the person or a group you are addressing, secondly you need to have a clear picture about the goals and key messages you want people to understand and thirdly, you have to pay great attention to details, one word or a synonym can make a huge difference in a meaning of the message and in it’s understanding.

So far in your career, what has been your proudest moment?

I cannot expose the specific situation but my proudest moments are when I see that people can be “moved”, no matter how challenging the communication is. I have been working for companies where the motivation of people was on a very low level or they were almost apathetic. I am very proud when I recognize a change in that kind of environments, knowing I am a part of that positive improvement.

How did your project achieve the Feniks award?

Association for management consulting grants the award for a great contribution to the development of a client, to the development of consultancy activities and consulting methodologies as also for the contribution to the development of the environment. We received Feniks award as a team, project leaders on the customer’s side and two consultants, for a strategic transformation of a company.
I would say the most important thing is that as a consultant, you understand the company, its business, culture and its team of leaders and decision makers. Therefore you can choose the appropriate combination of consulting approaches, models and methodologies to achieve goals. To do that, you need to have a lot of knowledge but also a feeling for people, a sort of an instinct and a capability to adjust fast. Creativity and new, fresh ideas also play an important role in such a successful project.

Which characteristics do you have that make you a strong leader?

When you say a “strong leader” I think of a person with a lot of knowledge, who is confident and proud but not arrogant, responsible, trustworthy, intelligent, stable and with great manners. I am striving to become that person one day.

In the past you assessed businesses, what were the key things you were looking for?

Business assessors look for a “balanced excellence” through a great number of indicators. In short, we look for elements such as acuity – the ability to detect business opportunities and risks better than competitors, agility – the ability to react fast and effectively to adapt to changes in unpredictable business environment and alignment – the ability to provide the resources needed to achieve strategic goals. We also look at how key factors: leadership, people, strategy, products & services, partnerships & resources are aligned and balanced in the company and how this brings sustainable results. Results must always be evaluated based on three views: realization vs. plans, trends of at least 3 years and benchmark.

How do you like to motivate the people around you?

By being ambitious and hardworking, positive but realistic, and also – with a kind word and a simple smile.

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