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Interview with Kamila Zárychtová

Kamila Zárychtová is the owner of the Business For Breakfast Czech Republic Master franchise, and she has successfully managed to lead the BforB franchise in Central Europe. BforB is a referral marketing and networking franchise, that has proven to be very popular! It already has more than 40 groups operating in the CR.

There are many BforB franchises in the CR, how did you create such a popular success?
At the moment, me and my team look after more than 40 BforB business clubs with more than 450 members. How did I create this? More than 6 years ago, there was a very important decision. I used to live in England and was about to get back to the Czech Republic. And I wanted to be part of the business environment, where people help each other to be successful, inspire each other and refer each other and all together are getting stronger on the market. And BforB was answer to that. I did not waste time, got back to the Czech Republic and on the 14th of September 2009 launched the very first business club with very new principles to the Czech business environment – KNOW-LIKE-TRUST.
And then, I never gave up and even when almost no one believed I could succeed, I never gave up. I woke up every day and worked towards my target. BforB is for my new life, new journey that is the destination.
I have to work hard on myself and prove my knowledge and abilities and change. This is good about doing business. It is very common in business what worked before, does not work now anymore, so you have to level with change and “upgrade” yourself very quickly too. And that is a challenge you need to face and manage.
I succeed because I believe in BforB so much and I know it helps business people to get new business through referrals. And now after more than 5 years on the market, I not only believe, now I know.

How do you ensure that your franchises are successful?
Our franchise is a great business opportunity in the Czech market. In this business sector is no better opportunity than BforB at the moment. So every franchisee has got unique opportunity to be special and do very special support for local business people, for local economy and is part of the team, who is changing the business environment in Czech Republic for better. So the topic is so strong, so inspirational and motivation of my franchise team is really huge.

Would you like to spread the franchise further into Central Europe?
Yes, I already helped with getting a new Master franchisee on board in Slovakia. It was fantastic work and I found not only a new business colleague, but friend. For the future I would like to help with finding, getting ready and supporting new colleagues especially in Poland, Germany, Austria, Ukraine and Hungary. Lets get BforB bigger and available for as many as possible entrepreneurs so they help each other to get more business through referrals and get more successful and stronger.

In your opinion, what makes the perfect employee?

Well, I am wrong person to ask I guess. I do not have employees. I work with entrepreneurs. But if I had an employee, I would want him to understand what we do, why we do it and wanted him to be part of it. I believe if employee is part of the project and understands that his work has very big impact on success of the company, that employee knows why he works and wants to be good worker.

You are very inspirational, how do you motivate your business team?
Inspiration and Motivation sound very similar but really, there is huge difference between Inspiration and Motivation. Motivating people is not very difficult. You can motivate people in positive way and negative ways and both work and bring results. But if you want to inspire people, that is different and you have to give them something that makes sense for them, agree with it and want to be part of it. Then, you do not need any outside motivation. People are motivated from inside. And that is real power. So really I believe that my vision of business environment where people help each other to get business through referrals, be more successful and stronger in the local market is so strong and good for business that people want to believe in it and want to be part of it and want to support it. Because then when more business people will do business this was, we will be part of the environment where is great thing to do business.

What are your personal characteristics, that have made you successful?
Well, I am Aries and maybe just that gives me good assumption to be successful Because Aries is so stubborn and doesn’t give up. I am also very focused, disciplined and I want to succeed no matter of what. If something doesn’t work, I seek for other ways. I work on myself very much and maybe that is the hardest job I ever done. I am very positive and always believe everything happens for good reason. The most important thing – I believe so much in what I do. It just is right and makes sense and I love it.

What has been your biggest achievement at BforB?
When I think about this question, I cannot figure out what achievement from all those was the biggest one. I experience success every day in BforB. There is always a good thing that shows me that it’s worth to do BforB. I plan things and I achieve them every day, step by step, month by month, year by year. I have going plans and goals, but I cut them into small pieces and then I achieve them, so I experience the achievement. If I would not do it, my goals are so big that maybe I would never achieve anything.

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