Follow up interview with Kamila Dolna


Kamila Dolna operates the tourist company “Global Contract”, she provides many educational and training programs within the tourist industry and has done a wonderful job.

Global Contract provides many services, how do you manage them all?

The management is a kind of process  where, once  you  get  experience  it does  not matter how many activities  you  can  put  in the basket,  because  its  just way how to organize  it, how to delegate  the  competences and  how to lead  people as well as   how to prepare  normatives and   read  and prepare the  contracts ,law and legislation!
What has been your proudest moment of running Global Contract?
Global has  been  continuously  contributing  to  development  of  tourism in Slovakia by organizing  education and practical  placement  of the students  abroad, which  means, that those  students and   experienced labour  brought   their  knowledge  back to Slovakia  and helped   our  tourism  a lot, there is lack  of   quality  in  service.
What has been your proudest moment of running Global Contract?
When  our  costumers and  partners  would  not   address on any other  company  as us.
How important was receiving the Alpine Center franchise?
Very important,  I have been  working  on this issue   for   2 years and   I believe  in this project the most  of  all. It will be  great  opportunity for many  students in Slovakia and   from abroad
In your business, what has been the most successful area?
All of them
Do you have a favourite educational/training project?  
ALPINE CENTER  and where you can see the results!
In business or life, do you have a motto?
Positive  approach and  trust  in yourself and  what  do you believe in  will always bring  you to your  goal!

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