Interview with Gintarė Antanelytė


Gintarė is the General Manager of Amber Tours,  a Destination Management Company, based in Vilnius (Lithuania), focusing on  the leisure and business travel  into the Baltic states and beyond.

She started the company 6 years ago and now Amber Tours became one of the TOP 3 incoming tourism operators in Lithuania. Amber Tours delivers high quality services to the customers from more than 16 countries around the world and is growing every year. The company has been awarded 3 times by the Lithuanian tourism department among the best tour operators in the country.

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As director of Amber Tours, what are your main tasks?

Well, the main task is to build- up a strong company, leader in the region, to guarantee top service for the clients and to have motivated and happy team. It’s very important to have long term goals and to implement the necessary strategic steps to reach the goals, only by doing that movement forward and growth can be achieved.
After strategic planning and development I am also involved in sales and search of new markets, development of new products. I travel with my colleagues to the main tourism trade shows around the world, where I present our products and services, meet the clients and learn new trends in the changing tourism industry.

What inspired you to get into the tourism business?

Tourism was always my favorite field, because of its diversity and undiscovered potential. I am from a small and very beautiful country – Lithuania. We are independent state since 1991, so for the rest of the world it is still undiscovered destination with plenty of possibilities in all economic sectors as well as tourism. I found it very challenging yet interesting to present my country and all three Baltic states in different continents, to persuade tour operators, travel agencies and individuals to come and discover our region and to start selling tours to our destination.


The tourism industry is very competitive, what has made your company so successful?

Big ambitions, good strategy, professional team and hard work!
I started company in the crisis, back in 2008 and it was hard time for any business, but together with the team we were able to create the platform for the future success! We started 6 years ago and now we have tripled our turnover, added many new markets, got 3 awards in 2010, 2011 and 2013 from the Lithuanian tourism department as one of the best and the best incoming tour operator in Lithuania.
Hosting around 15 thousand tourists every year we became one of the TOP 3 incoming tourism operators in Lithuania.

During your career, what has been your biggest achievement so far?
Amber Tours, of course!

What are your characteristics that have made you very successful?

I am ambitious, goal- oriented, determined and patient, if I know that in the end I will reach my goal. Of course I am devoted to my job and I enjoy it!
I love challenges and I am not afraid to leave my comfort zone. I am ready to travel and search for new markets and new clients, because they don’t come themselves (unless you sell Iphones ). I believe, that hard work makes you successful and if not, it means, that you must try harder!
Volere e potere!

Which method do you find best to motivate your employees?

Firstly people, who work at Amber Tours must love their job and if they do, they are involved in decision making process and communication with clients. People have certain freedom in their daily work and that gives a positive motivation for them. Also it’s important to give to people understanding about their responsibilities and what expectations they can have from the company. Right communication is very important and we have many discussions on relevant issues, exchanging ideas and searching for the best solutions
together. I am very interested to motivate people, who are initiative and add extra time and effort for the better result. I always give the possibility to people to grow together with the company.

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