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Natalia Folbrycht was born in Sweden with Polish parents and now living in the Czech Republic for over 3 years. She  is a former Sparta Prague football player and was Managing Director of  ‘Daymaker’ and ‘Heatex’. She was also a board advisor for the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, and is currently COO of WorldClass Czech Republic.

What are your characteristics that have made you successful?

I was raised to believe in myself and that it takes a couple of mistakes to succeed. I’ve also seen, met and worked with driven people that worked hard themselves to achieve their goals and dreams. There are no shortcuts in life! I also believe that my energy and my drive to develop myself every day makes me going and also that I have the courage to put myself out of the comfort zone a bit, without being afraid. I love when people challenge me!

When you were managing director of Daymaker, what was your biggest challenge? 

The biggest challenge was to convince the Czech Market that Mystery Shopping was needed in all retail branches to improve the customer service in Czech Republic.

 As a strong leader, how do you motivate your employees?

I think by communication and sharing the visions and missions. Also by treating everybody fair and also by rewarding those who work hard and makes an extra effort for the company. I love to give people the opportunity to advance and to grow and develop with the company.

What key advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs? 

  • Believe in your company and idea
  • Be Determined
  • Endurance and Hard Work is key, nothing will happen over night
  • Be Honest to people around you. It will pay off in the long run
  • Have the Courage to change and challenge existing ideas and structures. Even though it might get you into a few arguments. No one ever succeeded by being afraid of challenges.

You played football at the same time as running your own business, how did you manage your time?

I know that you are able to manage everything if you are good in organization and by being proactive. Of course you also need a team that you can trust to handle things responsible even if you are not around.

In your business career so far, what has been your biggest success?

Well, I don’t see one thing as a success, I believe in success stories… I think to be able to combine a career as a air host, playing football on top level and running my own bar was a good story. I never got tired of anything, since it was all very varying.  I also see the experience with Heatex (production company of heat exchangers) as a success. To first shut down a part of the Swedish factory and then transfer it to Czech Republic and run it with good results in a country which was totally new for me at that time. I also love my challenge in World Class, Czech Republic To be a part of creating a new company culture, new procedures and getting a team together to reach the set goals. The biggest success for me in my career is still to come…

Do you have a motto in business?

“You never know where you meet a person again, so play honest and make decisions based on facts and your hard work will pay off”



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