Interview with Diana Andreescu


Diana Andreescu is Business Development Manager at Pro Solutions Agency, and has a wealth of knowledge in Human Resources. She shared some of her thoughts of the industry in this interview. Her motto is “work hard, but smart”.


As a career coach, what is your way of inspiring and motivating people?

 We often think of the coach as the person with all of the answers. What I do, as a career coach, is helping the person I work with to clarify objectives and provide a map for how to achieve them. My goal that should match my client’s goal is to help them discover where they want to be within a timeframe, looking at the competencies that they have today and looking at the competencies that they need to get there. 

All of us have different situations that we are struggle with and also we have dreams and plans for our development. Have we wondered how many times we have tried to get to a result? We also wonder about past successes that made us glow with pride. What moments, big and small, make us smile even now after so many years? It isn’t the specific activity or skill that is important here. It is how we felt after having achieved whatever we were striving for. The confidence we felt then can be recreated, leveraged to apply to new areas where we want to succeed now.



– How can a potential job candidate impress you?

First of all, I love candidates that apply to jobs that they are qualified for. From my perspective, unless you can make the stretch and fit between your qualifications and background and the described opening, you are wasting your time.

I also appreciate candidates that lead with their strengths. This might make the difference between candidates with similar experiences and skills.

Candidates that know how to sell their experience in relation to how it can benefit the potential employer have also a big plus from my side.

I enjoy talking and discover candidates that: do research before interview, take notes during the interview, are enthusiastic and confident.


– What are your personal characteristics that made you so successful in HR?  

After 12 years in human resources, I truly consider that my personal characteristics made me a successful HR. However, learning about self-control is a very important aspect as well. First of all, I consider that my intellectual curiosity is an important aspect that helped me develop my career. Most of my colleagues and former leaders considered me as a “little sponge” because I have always asked questions and gathered as much information as possible.

Even if it will sound a little unusual, I run to things that scared me at first side. This was my way of overcome fear of failure but also forced me to use my skills.

I also learned to listen and not to interrupt. This was for me an important lesson to learn, my natural characteristics being the opposite. 

Respect and enjoy others is something that I had as a natural characteristic but I had to fight with my strong desire of being demanding with people.

Sense of urgency is a state of mind for an HR person.

And, never the less, my motto “work hard but smart”.


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Diana Andreescu

– In terms of training, what do you provide?

I consider that trainings and development programs are essential for both companies and individuals. As a trainer, I provide various type of trainings that covers a large area of aspects like recruitment technics, workplace/ soft skills trainings like: performance management, time and priority management, communications skills, presentation skills, personal branding, problem solving skills, professional etiquette, conflict management, motivating employees, compensations and benefit plan design, HR metrics and also other related type of trainings and seminars.

Also, as a career advisor, I provide various workshops and seminars that help my clients to achieve career goals, overcome difficult situations and create a strong personal brand.


– In performance management, what is the most effective way of assessment?

Performance management is very important both for individuals and organizations. There are various models for performance management assessments. Regardless the specific need for an assessment, there are a few steps that should be followed for an effective result.

First step is the planning stage. In this stage, together with the organization decision makers, we establish the strategy and goal. It is very important that the both company and employee goals to be aligned. Then, we are able to determine performance level criteria. The actual assessment is based on an on-going feedback from sides, talent management and company/ employee needs of development in order to achieve both qualitative and quantitative targets.

Creating an individual development plan is another important step that should be done by any company.


– You are very successful, what advice do you have for people aspiring to be in HR?

The key to success in HR is authenticity. Do not fake, be exactly who you are and just improve your knowledge and your skills. Learn that the only thing that counts are the solutions you bring to the table. Be able to control your emotional intelligence skills, anticipate the impact that you have on others. Be empathic and yet be tough when it’s needed, be a good listener, do not be afraid to use your sense of humor, use your curiosity and creativity and an “out-of-the-box thinker”, and, very important, surround yourself with great people, people that you can learn from, people with strong values and motivations.

Work, learn and enjoy and do this on daily bases!



 What are your aspirations for the future?

 I compare my career and my aspirations with a top restaurant – people will always come back for what you’re serving to them but also for the way they feel when they are there.

Of course, I see myself in the HR consultancy field for many years from now on. I see myself developing various programs both for individuals and organization development, being a leader and helping other young HR professionals to grow, always searching for talents.




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