Interview with Audronė Nakrošienė

Audronė Nakrošienė, project manager at LDHA, answered some questions about her work and her opinions on management styles.

Audrone Nakrosiene_foto


What is your role at the Lithuanian District Heating Association (LDHA)?
I am working as a Training Program Manager at the LDHA and as a technical expert. My main responsibility areas are technical data analysis of the Lithuanian District Heating Companies, technical data collection, analysis of the Lithuanian legal acts, etc. I am responsible for consulting District Heating companies on the EU Energy policy, Human Resource Management and Project Management. Other responsibility areas – identification of training needs of the District Heating companies, preparation of training programs. I do training courses on Project Management, EU energy policy and Human Resource Management areas.

 To be a successful Project manager, what characteristics are needed?
Leadership, team building, time planning skills, empathy, decision making skill, communication skills, delegating work.
What was the aim of the EU funded Training Of District Heating project?
We had several EU training projects that were implemented by the LDHA. The main goal of these training projects were to increase the competence of the employees of the DH companies in the area of engineering, management and finance.
In that project, what was the biggest difficulty, and the biggest success?
The biggest challenge was the change of the project managers in the implementing agency that was controlling our project. The biggest success was team building and the results that were obtained after the implementation of the project.
What is your preferable style of leadership?
Transformational. I prefer to challenge and inspire my team members.
When working and training with people, how do you get the best out of them?
When working as a manager – I take a lot of effort on getting to know the strong and the weak sides of a person and select a work that a person is the strongest at.
When training people – identifying the needs and inspiring people.
When working as a team member – listen to people and getting to understand what they wanted to say.
 Are you involved in other projects?

Yes, in several EU projects, related with the energy efficiency, etc. aspects.
 In the future, what are your ambitions?
I started the PhD studies a year ago. So my ambition is to be a recognized researcher and a trainer and to have a work-life balance at the same time.

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