Minela’s story

Minela is a successful fashion blogger and key account manager.
Her hard work and positive approach to work and life is very inspiring. She generously shared some information about her story.



“My name is Minela, I’m 28 old young women from Bosnia! I’m Fashion blogger, Journalist, Social Media and Events Manager, hedonist, shopaholic and typical “Taurus” – patient and reliable, warmhearted and loving, persisting and determined, placid and security loving! My style is very versatile. It is hard to describe as it changes day to day, and is very much based on how I feel. I would say that I am fond of well-tailored and eclectic pieces with elegant, sometimes minimalistic, clean pieces, mixed in creative way, big necklaces, heavy scarves…If I’m describing my style in few words, I may say it’s experimental but elegant and sophisticated.”


Social media is very important in modern business, popularity and image. Success stories like Minela’s remind us of that.



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