Interview with Slovak businesswoman, Kamila Dolna


I’m really pleased to say that Kamila Dolna , the second greatest businesswoman of Slovakia 2011 agreed to an interview. It’s very interesting to hear the opinions of such a successful businesswoman.

What was the first business that you created?

The first business was travel agency, company organizing the incoming to Cyprus and to Slovakia.  Then  since 2004  it was  transformed   into  Personal, Education and Training company  and  portfolio of   projects   we are implementing now is really  rich now.  

Were you nervous that your business would not have success?

In the beginning, yes, but  we  don’t  need to call  it nervousness, maybe just doubts  sometimes  in some issues,  or  decisions,  if  they are really  correct  and  can bring the  expected  results, there were  many  risky  decisions and  many  projects of  high  risk,  but  the most important  in this  stage  is to believe  in  yourself and  completely   believe  in what  we are doing.  Positive energy, hope and trust in your business can overcome  even the most difficult  times.

Now what is your current position in business?

I am the owner and manager.

You host many conferences, what do you discuss in these conferences for example?

It depends on  the  Conference.  Some conferences  are organized  by  my  company,  they are  focused on  education, vocational  education, improvements  for  teachers,  teaching methods, etc.

Sometimes  I am  invited  for  Conferences  like  Global  Women  Conference  in Kenya and  Zanzibar, it was very interesting,  my  speech was about   my  company, and  activities  I do and possible  ways  how  some of my know  how  can be used  in  another  countries, especially  in third world  countries. I can say, it was  very  successful speech.

I was  also  on Conference  of  Oriflame,  invited to  motivate  the  sellers  of  Oriflame.

There  are another small  conferences  I am invited  for,  usually   aimed on education, training, motivation, projects  of  EU.

Do you ever become nervous before a speech?

I am not  nervous,  I feel   comfortable giving a speech.

What do you enjoy the most about hosting a conference?

The  interaction  with  Audience  and  when  I understand  that  they  would not  move  being  so much  focus  on my speech and  when I see  their  enthusiasm  at the end,  new  energy  and new  motivation, which  can help  them  in their  life,  at work, or in  their career.

In business, what do you think is the most important in an employee, what impresses you?

Well, for my  employees, I don’t really  care  about  their  education and  experience –  if it  match  exactly   with  what they  are   supposed to  do  at my  company,  because  they  would learn it , but, they  must be  flexible  in their time,  loyal, always using their  brain, think of  consequences. They should  enjoy  being in environment  where  there is  always something new  happening,  there  is  no  routine,  always  new projects,  new situations.. I like  when  they  are  optimistic and  should  have  smile  on their face  all the time.. /most of the time/.. Employees  as I have  described  gain  a lot with me in this case!


Do you have any advice for people just starting their business?

They just have   to believe in themselves and  their  ideas!  If their belief in their projects 1000%, then it will work. And  sometimes  they should  be  prepared  to  get  advice  from  their  family,  friends,  official  advisors,  it is  important   to be open  and  listen.

As an employer, how do you motivate people?

Fun  and  good energy  in office, special  business  trips  /I am sure they  enjoy travelling/, holidays,  giving them opportunity  to meet  interesting  people /they would  never meet in person/, financial  benefits.

Away from business, are you still planning on a career in media?

If there is a good offer, why not.

One comment

  1. Ing. Dolna; s interview indicates her deep approach to modern business practice. Apparently she belongs to a generation of Slovak that are ready to take an active role in multinational business activities. Although there is no personal knowledge, her approaches reveal business maturity , experience , and comprehension.

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